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About Us

Path4Life provide dedicated expert specialist yoga and therapy courses, workshops, classes and yoga teacher training programmes. We are qualified trained yoga and therapy health experts and use current cutting edge yoga methods that prove to be highly effective.

Path4Life has completed extensive work in the field of yoga health and wellbeing. This has enriched our approach to teaching yoga and sharing yoga methods and restorative yoga therapy with others in daily classes, workshops and teacher training courses.

We currently teach, adults, children, pre natal pregnancy yoga, post natal yoga mummy and baby and have extensive experience in specialist yoga therapy. We have been teaching students for over 20 years and have used professional studies, experiences, knowledge, and expertise in developing outstanding classes, workshops and specialist teacher training programmes.

We have continued to use our personal expertise, experiences and knowledge to help individuals to get through their own struggles and succeed. We are known for bringing the core of yoga alive for modern day living and motivating people in reaching creative, dynamic, life-transforming ways and for offering our personal life form of yoga teaching and training.

We provide the following:

Yoga Teacher Training & Courses:
Foundation Yoga Training
200hr Yoga Teacher Training
300hr Advanced Teacher Training
500hr Advanced Teacher Training

Specialist Yoga Teacher Training:
Restorative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training
Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training
Mental Health Yoga Teacher Training
Children's Yoga Teacher Training
Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Group Yoga Classes
Restorative Yoga Therapy
Meditation relaxation methods
Meditation & Mindfulness
Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation
Back Care-Prolapsed/Bulge Disks
Pre Natal Pregnancy Yoga
Post Natal Mummy and Baby Yoga
Children's Yoga

We look forward to seeing you on your mats.

Latest Events

Private Yoga 1:1 sessions available!
We offer a variety of specialist yoga therapies. Providing prenatal pregnancy yoga, postnatal mummy and baby yoga, recovery from illness, back issues, beginners and restorative relaxation sessions. Private sessions are a great way to work at your own pace and get results. Book a slot for you or with a friend!

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme This is a great way to continue your yoga development as a teacher. It is a great supportive training course that will help mentor you through your journey as a teacher to advance your teaching skills. Once you've completed your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, students often want to continue to learn and progress by completing our specialist modules. We continue to provide support with regular monthly yoga retreat days, courses and workshops, to help you continue your practice and yoga development. Set yourself apart from the rest!

Specialist Yoga Teacher Training Course Kick starts your practice, learn a new skill, deepen your yoga practice and challenge your mind and body to the next level. We have a number of post graduate teacher training courses on offer. Restorative yoga Therapy TT, Pre and post natal TT, Mental health Yoga TT, Children Yoga TT. You will leave with skills to equip you to practice and expand your knowledge in Yoga.

Yoga Benefits

What is Yoga? Yoga is a form of exercise that links breath awareness to positions. This allows an integrated practice of mind and physical well being. You will come across various types of yoga, such as hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, iyenghar, anusara, bikram hot yoga, vini, yin yoga etc all yoga types are linked with the same principle foundations and yoga positions as found in hatha. Path4Life uses the science of yoga to benefit the whole mind and body using hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative yoga therapy and specialise in mind therapy.

What are the physical benefits?
: Stretching your body will help it to become more flexible, bringing greater range of movement to muscles and joints. If you continue to practice yoga under the supervision of a Path4Life yoga instructor you can expect to gain flexibility in muscles in your body, legs, back, shoulders & hips.
: Many yoga poses require you to support the weight of your own body. This helps you increase your own strength and stamina.
Muscle tone
: As a result of this you will get stronger; you can expect to see increased muscle tone. Yoga helps shape long, lean muscles making you look and feel great.
Pain Prevention
: Increased flexibility and strength can help prevent the causes of some types of back pain. Many people who suffer from back pain spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or driving a car. That can cause tightness and spinal compression, which you can begin to improve with regular yoga classes. Our yoga classes will also work on correcting your alignment which will help reduce pain in your body.
Better Breathing: Path4Life yoga will help you learn how to breathe correctly helping you ease into positions and stretches better. Most of us do not focus on breathing and tend to breath shallow. Focusing the attention on the breath will teach us how to use our lungs, which benefits the entire body. Certain types of breath can also help clear the nasal passages and even calm the central nervous system, which has both physical and mind benefits.

What are the Mind Health benefits?
Mind Calmness
: Balance your emotions, reducing built up anger, stress & anxiety. Yoga practice is a physical mind and body practice. Concentrating so intently on what your body is doing has the effect of bringing calmness to the mind. Yoga also introduces you to meditation techniques, such as watching how you breathe and disengagement from your thoughts, which help calm the mind.
Stress Reduction
: Yoga is fantastic at reducing stress & anxiety levels, due to the forms of breathing exercises combined with body postures. Because of the concentration required, your daily troubles will melt away during the time you are doing Path4Life yoga allowing you to have a bit of respite in your mind. You will leave a Path4Life yoga class feeling less stressed than when you started.
Doing Path4Life yoga will lead to improved posture and greater self-confidence. All classes, workshops, events and course are done at your pace allowing you take yoga in your stride and enjoy this fantastic experience. There are many health benefits across the board that have been researched in helping physical and mind health needs.