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Private Yoga Classes

We recommend you to bring a yoga mat, blanket, and water. For restorative practice please bring 2 bedsize pillows/or bolster.
***We recommend a regular yoga practice with us to reap the full benefits of a mind and body cleanse. This will aid your learning and development of yoga practice and complement your home practice and other workouts.***

Yoga for Beginners- In these sessions we work on learning yoga positions, building your body and mind practice at your pace and progressing your practice to the next level, ending in yoga relaxation.

Restorative Yoga- In these sessions we work on positions that are floor based only in releasing tight muscles groups and releasing built up tension in the body, a deeply relaxing process.

Meditation and relaxation- In these sessions we work on developing your meditation practice, learning various methods and ending in deep yoga nidra relaxation. A great mind and body release!

Yoga Workshops/Courses

For 1 day courses/workshops please bring your lunch and snacks with you. Note pad and pen.

Yoga Bliss Fest: This is a deep stretch and restore session. We go through a set number of positions and alternative poses, giving you time with the teacher to ask away any questions and we will be there to help adjust you to a comfortable position that feels right for you. Followed by Restorative Yoga Therapy lettting your muscles let go and release tension further. We work with restorative poses to heal your body and calm your mind. We use restorative yoga therapy methods allowing your muscles to release tension slowly. You will Work through built up stress and tension from your mind and body. Followed by a mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra deep relaxation therapy a total mind and body unwind respite session.

2 hour session: Investment £25
Class date/time: New dates TBC
Venue: South Northants

Attending classes

Private classes/courses/workshop prices

1:1 Yoga sessions 1 hour £50.
Couples/partner/ mother and daughter Yoga 1 hour £60 (£30 each)
Block booking discount: 5 sessions £200 (£40 per hour)
10 sessions £350 (£35 per hour)
We offer a concessionary rate to people who are on benefits and not working at £30 per hour

2 hour workshops/courses £25

All courses/classes are on a book in basis.

Please complete our booking form or email us directly confirming the type of class, state your needs, the number of block course of sessions and your preferred time to book a session. We confirm all bookings by email.
Places are given on a first reserve basis. 48 hours Cancellation notice is required so we can offer your time slot to someone else. If you fail to attend your appointment we will charge you the full cost of the missed session.

Path4life yoga class etiquette

Please make a pre-payment for your booking or payment at the start of the class/session to the yoga teacher. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for the session to settle into class. If you arrive late please let us know as soon as possible in advance. Your allocated time slot will be the time given to you; if you arrive late this will be used up as part of your session time. Turn your mobile phone off during class.

Information to attend a yoga class

Before attending Class try not to eat a heavy meal. We would recommend eating a light meal or snack. Wear comfortable suitable warm clothing for cooler days, for outdoor classes wear sun block, suitable clothing to cover up if needed and bring a bottle of water with you if needed. Please bring a suitable mat or rug. We only have a limited number of spare mats. You can also bring a cushion and blanket for support and keep you warm during the relaxation part of the class. Classes generally start off with a short meditation, warm ups, and move into learning positions, and end in relaxation of the body.

Yoga Safety

It is recommended for obvious reasons to make sure you are not practicing on a slippery surface. A yoga mat or appropriate yoga rug should be used. Generally yoga is practiced bare foot so that you have a grip on your mat to prevent slipping.
• To help you stretch and hold certain positions it is fine to use a yoga blocks or yoga straps.
• Yoga neck pillows or folded blankets are fine to use to support your neck or lower back (by placing under your knees) and during practice of positions and relaxation periods. You can use a firm cushion, yoga block or folded blanket to sit on if it helps take the pressure off your knees, hips and back.
• A bottle of water if needed after doing a yoga class.
• Try not to eat a big meal at least 2-3 hours before doing your Yoga class. You could be quite uncomfortable if your stomach is still full. Use a nutrient bar or other healthy snack if you feel you need some energy prior to your yoga class.
• This is probably the most important guideline. Use common sense with regard to injuries. Use modifications that are provided for the difficult positions and exercises and back off if you feel you are risking injury, do a particular exercise to suit your pace.
• If you are taking prescription medication, or are under medical supervision you should check with your health care provider before starting a Path4life yoga/therapy program.
• If you are pregnant you should check with your health care provider before proceeding to attend a prenatal and post natal yoga class.