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Yoga Teacher Training

Path4Life is a yoga teacher training school with specialist expertise teaching students for numerous years. We run various teacher training courses to an exceptionally high standard. We have built a reputation as being a leading yoga teacher training school. We deliver various courses, foundation TT, 200 hour YTT, 300 hour, 500 hour & specialist yoga teacher training Programmes. All Modules are taught by a trained health professional/principal senior yoga teacher. We keep class sizes small to allow in-depth 1:1 learning with the course tutor. There are limited spaces on these courses and places are given on a first booked basis.

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Diploma

This course will deepen your practice and understanding of yoga. It is a fantastic learning journey and skill developing experience. This course is suitable for those who wish to deepen their practice or for those who wish to teach. After completing this course you will be a qualified yoga teacher, being able to teach hatha & vinyasa flow yoga styles to students age 12 to adults in the UK or abroad. This qualification is accepted at gyms, yoga and fitness studios. To enrol on this course you should prepare yourself by practising yoga on a regular basis and become familiar with hatha yoga positions and names. You should have at least 2 years of practising yoga (students with less experience will be considered) or completion of our foundation course prior to enrolling onto this course. All suitable candidates are welcome to enrol.

6 Key learning areas:
1) Practice and Training: learning yoga postures and positions; how to correctly get into a position.
2) Teaching methodology: learning how to prepare and teach yoga classes and how to correct, enhance and encourage students practice.
3) Philosophy and History of yoga: to understand the principles of yoga history and origins, yoga styles, the chakra energy centres, Patanjali yoga sutras and meditation.
4) Teaching Experience: to observe and practice teaching to develop your skill to become a competent safe Yoga teacher.
5) Anatomy & Physiology: learning key muscular and skeletal areas of the body including contra-indications.
6) Health & Safety: to learn the required health and safety and legal aspects of teaching a Yoga class & basic first aid skills.

Path4Life yoga teacher training coursework & assessments:
• Learning Diary/journal.
• Observation in YTT
• One Q & A Paper covering anatomy & physiology.
• One Q & A Paper covering: Yoga history and philosophy.
• One Q & A Paper covering: Health & Safety
• One Mixed ability class plan
• One Practical Exam: Teaching a mixed ability class

Students should prepare themselves with regular daily practice and be familiar with names of basic yoga positions. Places are limited and given on a first accepted application basis.

200 hour YTT course: Investment £2,399
Course date/time: TBC 9am-6pm
Venue: South Northamptonshire

Course Dates: TBC 2018

300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Diploma

You've completed your 200hr YTT it's time to take your teaching to the next level!
You don't have to be a Path4Life graduate to do our 300 hour advanced Yoga teacher training. The hours can be added to your existing 200-hour certificate from any school, and we warmly welcome all certified yoga teachers to join us.
Many schools will allow you to get 500-hour certified by simply doing a second 200-hour training. We are different. We think it's important to do a non-repetitive training. After all, you've already completed a 200 hour training course-it's time to study at a higher level.
With an increasing number of 200-hour graduates, it's important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. More and more employers are searching for yoga teachers who have advanced level qualifications. We all know that when it comes to yoga the learning never ends; but having your 500-hour YTT shows you're a teacher with a higher level of skill set and teaching abilities.

6 Key learning areas:
1) Practice and Training: Learning Advanced Yoga Therapeutics postures and positions. Partake in posture clinics and practicums.
2) Teaching methodology: The art of teaching yoga classes at the next level, how to adjust safely, and make corrections, modify, use variations of asanas, to use props to correctly align and teach yoga.
3) Indepth study Mindfulness meditation and understanding mind heath.
4) Teaching Experience: To observe, practice and partake in teaching to develop your skill to become a competent safe Yoga Teacher.
5) Anatomy & Physiology: In-depth study of the nadis energy centres, the effects of yoga on the nervous system and endocrine system including contra-indications.
6) In-depth study of specialist Yoga modules: Therapeutics Restorative Yoga Therapy,Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Mental Health Yoga, Childrens Yoga.

Modules to complete: (these can be completed in any order at anytime)
Specialist YTT modules:
Advanced anatomy and physiology 50hrs
Advanced Yoga practice/teaching 50hrs
Restorative Yoga therapy 50 hours
Mental Health Yoga 50 hours
Pre and post natal yoga 50 hours
Childrens Yoga years 2-12 yrs 50 hours

Path4Life yoga teacher training coursework & assessments:
• Learning Diary/journal.
• Observation in Advanced YTT
• One Practicum covering: Advanced Anatomy & Physiology.
• One Practicum covering: Yoga Therapeutics.
• One Practicum covering: Posture, Alignment and Adjustments, use of props.
• One Practicum covering: 1 class practicum of choice

300 hour Advanced YTT course: Investment £3,299
Course date/time: Thursdays & Fridays (& Sat) 9am-6pm
Venue: South Northamptonshire

Course Dates: TBC 2018

0-500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Diploma

You can complete our 200hr YTT course and continue your yoga studies and trainings with us and complete a 500-hour YTT Diploma. Most students once they have completed our 200 hour YTT courses want to go on to further develop their skill set as teachers and deepen their learning. We recommend that all Yoga teachers once having completed their 200 hour YTT go onto study further.
As yoga is an area of vast learning and expansion that requires continual study and learning. This 500 hour YTT course will allow you to progress as a teacher once you qualify after completing your 200 hour YTT. You will continue to be supported and mentored as you go onto teach allowing you time to progress as a teacher. Our course is spread out over 12 months to allow
time and room for you to grow as you continue to teach.
Each course level increases your confidence, it also increases your knowledge to certify as a RYT-500 Teacher, setting you apart from the masses. Step by step, you’ll be establishing yourself as a teacher committed to yourself and your students.

0-500 hour Advanced YTT course: Investment £4,999 (A massive saving of *£700*)
Course date/time: Fri-Sun 9am-6pm
Venue: South Northamptonshire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the payment options for the YTT courses?:
200hr YTT investment £2,399
300hr Advanced YTT investment £3,299
0-500hr YTT investment £4,999

We are committed to keeping yoga training accessible. No payments are required until you are accepted onto the course. Once accepted you will need to secure your place by paying a non refundable deposit of £500. The balance is then due in full or monthly instalments. Payment of course fees includes all training, training material and yoga qualification.
There are limited spaces on this course. Only a small number of students are accepted onto this course, this is to ensure all students get priority teaching time with the senior Yoga teacher. This allows Path4Life to maintain its highest and excellent standards in teacher training.
We accept cash, and BACs online bank payments.

How do I enrol onto the course? Email us for your registration form to enrol onto the course. Please complete the registration form and email this back to us, your places are confirmed and secured with your deposit payment. Please note places are given on a first application deposit receipt basis. We recommend you enrol onto the course as soon as you can to prepare yourself for the course including your reading list. Once the course is full we will close the date earlier on receipt of final registration forms accepted onto the course.

Q: How good at Yoga do I need to be to do the teacher training?
Students should prepare themselves with regular daily practice and are comfortable practicing basic hatha yoga positions with a basic familiarity of yoga positions names in English not Sanskrit. We do not expect you know them all, as we do teach you this. You should ideally have at least 2 years practice experience (students with less experience will be considered) or have completed our foundation training course.
If you have a regular yoga practice you may be more ready than you think. We're looking for students with an enthusiasm for learning. A yoga student is not someone who can move into the most advanced poses, but someone who comes to the course with a 100% commitment and willingness to learn and knows the limits of their own body. We encourage our students to develop skills in the areas they are interested in and strong in. We do not expect our students to do or practice positions they are not comfortable with or would push them past their limits. This allows our students to become independent unique skilled teachers and not carbon copy cut outs of us.

Q: Can I do the course for my own personal development and yoga experience?
Yes, we welcome any student who wants to develop their own personal practice and yoga journey.

Q: What is expected from me to do outside of teaching days?
Our courses are intensive and teaching days are informative and long. A lot of teaching material and content is given. Outside of teaching training days you are expected to read through course material and notes. Everyone has different learning capabilities and time frames therefore we recommend evenings and weekends are to be used in your own time for learning and practice. We recommend a minimum of 120 hours are to be used for practice training outside of teaching days. You should be prepared to be committed to the course outside of teaching hours fully.

Q: How are the 200 hours covered on this course?
The training is comprehensive the basic breakdown includes 220 training hours, 120 hours of self study, plus self-practices/teaching experience. We may need to add additional teaching days for exams and practice. Teaching venues, dates and times may be subject to change to meet the needs of the course and students. Any changes or additional dates we will try to keep to Fridays and weekends.

Q: What are the days like on the Teacher Training Course?
The course is intensive and we pack in a lot to each day. An example of a day is:
• 9.00 -10.00am Yoga practice
• 10.00-10.15am Break (toilet/grab a drink)
• 10.15-12:.30pm Theory Class (e.g. Philosophy/anatomy/ teaching methods theory)
• 12.30-13.00pm Enjoy lunch
• 13.00-15.00pm Theory put into practice on your mats
• 15.00-15.15pm Break (grab a hot drink/snack)
• 15.15-18.00pm practice teaching/study time for learning logs

Q: Do I automatically qualify as a yoga teacher by attending the course?
No, to qualify you are required to:
1. Attend 100% of the course
2. Complete and pass all written coursework
3. Pass 1 x History & Philosophy Q&A Paper assignment
4. Complete and submit 3/5 learning logs
5. Pass 1 x anatomy and physiology Q& A Paper
6. Pass 1 x Health and Safety Q & A Paper
7. Pass 1 x practical exam teaching a class before an assessor
8. Complete and partake in all posture yoga practicum's and posture clinics.

Q: What if I miss a day?
100% attendance and completion of the course is required in order to become qualified. We offer time to catch up on training days, in exceptional circumstances subject to availability and approval from the course principal SYT we can offer 1:1 time to catch up. For those who are unable to manage their personal commitments including child care, around the course and cannot commit to 100% attendance would have to defer to the next course subject to availability.

Q: When can I start teaching?
You may begin teaching up to 2 classes per week approximately half way through the course, when you have completed your teaching theory and practice days. You will then be able to get "Trainee Insurance" and have an opportunity to earn money. From then on it's about developing your personal teaching style, skills and practice, practice, practice.

Who can I register with?
You may register and get insurance with any heath and fitness body of your choice. You may consider registering with one of the bodies mentioned below or another of your choice.

The main registering bodies for yoga teachers and the fitness industry are IYN and REPs. When you register with The Independent Yoga Network (IYN) you will be accepted to register with The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). See their site registration pages:

Q: I am already registered with a body and have insurance. Do I have to register again with another body?
No. If you are already registered with a professional health care, health and fitness body, you do need to check with your insurance provider that you are covered to teach yoga after you qualify. We can recommend a number of appropriate insurance providers that cover the insurance needed after you qualify.

Q: What are the main differences between the registering bodies?
The registering bodies for the fitness industry and yoga teachers are Reps Register of Exercise professionals, IYN Independent Yoga Network, British Wheel of Yoga, and Yoga Alliance. REPs are the registering body for all exercise professionals, The Independent Yoga Network, The British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance are well known within the yoga industry. We recommend you make an informed decision that matches your needs better.

Q: What styles of yoga will I be qualified to teach upon graduation?
Our qualification allows you to teach in a number of yoga styles. While the training is held in the original yoga teachings, graduates are also able to teach the following styles:
• Hatha Yoga (Holding positions)
• Vinyasa/Vini Flow Yoga (sequencing)
• Power Yoga (Kundalini)
• Hot Yoga
• Pranayama (breathing methods)
• Patanjali Sutras, Eight Limbs of Yoga, Restorative, Relaxation methods, Yoga Nidra and Meditation methods
• Use of props: Blocks, Straps etc
Students will also be taught variations of yoga positions and learn Kundalini yoga positions that work on restoring the chakras energy centres in the body. Students are encouraged to develop their own style of teaching and we support students in developing areas that they are interested in and strong in practice.

Q: I currently practice Hot Yoga Bikram/Hatha Yoga. Can I take your training?
Yes, our course welcomes students from all yoga practice styles.

Q: I'm pregnant. Can I do the training?
Congratulations! Our advice would be to wait until after the birth of your baby and your body is ready to practice yoga. Do get in touch, and we'll let you know when our next course is held.

Q: I’ve booked onto the course and can no longer commit to doing the course?
Path4life can only offer a full refund, if the course is fully booked on receipt of payment. Path4Life cannot offer refunds if they are unable to attend due to illness, work, child care, family, or other reasons. Transfer to another course is subject to availability.

Q: Are there any other additional costs to consider?
Yes, you will need to consider:
-Travel costs if travelling from a distance
-Accommodation costs, if travelling from a distance
-Your Course books and materials.
- Your registration and insurance.

Q: Do I have to be physically fit?
Yes, by booking onto the course, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are sufficiently healthy and medically fit, physically, mentally and emotionally, to undertake all components of a course. It is your responsibility to notify us of any pre-existing medical conditions as well as any special assistance you may reasonably require before enrolment and again if circumstances change throughout the period you are undertaking a course. You are at all times responsible for your own personal welfare inclusive of child care, family, personal belongings and for your own health and limits within any teachings provided by Path4Life.

Q: Do you offer accommodation?
No. However students attending the course from a long distance we recommend looking at local hotels of your choice nearby. There are a number of reasonably priced hotels nearby. This has greatly helped past students coming in from around the UK or abroad.

Q: Can I meet the Course tutors?
Yes. We frequently run yoga courses and workshops where prospective students may attend and experience our teaching style or you may book a private session.

“Path4Life is an independent insured yoga teacher training school based on Health and Fitness Profession Standards. Our training school meets the requirements set by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals), IYN (Independent Yoga Network), and other professional bodies demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard.”
Our general terms and conditions can be seen on our contents page under Path4Life policy. Full T&C on request. We have the right to amend or change our terms & conditions at any necessary date to update our information with accordance with the law.