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Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

We are qualified trained yoga health experts and use current cutting edge yoga methods that prove to be highly effective. Yoga therapy sessions are a great way to work through your personals needs at your own pace.
Sessions can be used to treat an injury, help aid recovery from an illness. Help with recovery from muscle wastage, or simply to help you get back into shape with the aid of a personal yoga practitioner.
A yoga therapy session can be a very therapeutic relaxing experience. We complete an initial free assessment with you and advise you of the yoga therapy plan needed to help you move forward.

Session we can provide:
* Tailored yoga sessions for you, help you get back into shape personal training at your pace.
* Back pain, prolapsed/bulged discs.
* Pre and Post natal yoga/mummy and baby.
* Meditation, mindfulness, relaxation sessions to aid with improving mental health and well being and reduce stress.
* Physical health issues, post cancer, MS, Muscle wastage, any other illness to help you regain your strength and stamina.

Yoga sessions - tailored for you
Suited for those who wish to learn yoga and continue to improve your practice. Learn yoga at your pace build a stronger leaner body, and learn to release tension. Restore and calm your mind and body. In these classes you will deepen and progress your own practice. Correctly aligning your positions, linking breathing methods, learning how your body likes to move into positions to build and form lean strong muscles. These classes will strengthen and renew your mind with meditation and relaxation practices. This session will leave you feeling lifted with an energy boost, restored and revived for the rest of the day.

Pre natal Pregnancy yoga:
Congratulations you're pregnant. Time to strengthen your core muscles to support your pregnancy, learning breathing methods, positive meditation methods and relaxation methods to help with the birth. You will learn management methods, building a stronger body ready for birth. Benefits of these classes include: Reduced aches and pains, improve your sleep, reduce tension and de-stress, relaxation time for you, improved posture and body awareness, strengthen your core muscles and back muscles to support your pregnancy. Learn breathing and relaxing techniques to cope with the pressure of labour and giving birth.

Post natal mummy and baby:
You've had the baby, congratulations! Now is the time to get your body back in shape and bond with your baby at the same time. Building your body back, tone, strength and learn how to have relaxation time with your baby. Start at 6/8 week after normal birth, c section 10/12 week once healed. Great classes to build skills with your baby and learn baby massage. Build your body back after birth and recover after birthing period. Benefits of these classes include: Bonding time with your baby, learn how to relax with your baby and massage your baby, increase your confidence with your baby. Improve your sleep and tone and build your body back, toning your arms, legs, core muscles and back muscles.

Specialist Restorative Yoga Therapy: These sessions are tailored for your needs we assess your individual needs and work with you to heal your body and calm your mind. We use restorative yoga therapy methods allowing your muscles to release tension slowly. You will Work through built up stress and tension from your mind and body. Followed by deep relaxation therapy a total mind and body unwind respite session. These sessions are for healing and recovering from injury or illness.

Back care-Prolapsed/bulging disks: If you are going through this, the agony is unbearable and you may feel you will never get through the pain. You will get through this, initially with a lot of care and respite to your back. We work through positions to strength your back and core muscles and learn positions to avoid that can aggravate or worsen your condition. We will advise how to cope with caring for your back long term and work through a management plan, ending in relaxation therapy.

Meditation relaxation methods
Using this methods allows you to let go of any thoughts that you make be holding onto and allow your mind to experience complete silence and emptiness. We coach you though a period of sessions to train your mind to let go. This in turn allows your body to let go of built up tension and stress related symptoms. We recommend this process to people suffering from stress and depression, especially being beneficial to those who experience physical stress related symptoms, such as tension in body, tighening of the throat, feeling nauseous, headaches, fatigue etc. These symptoms gradually disappear with practice and training.

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment without getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future. We work on training the mind to focus on one thing at a time and learning how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. We work on paying attention to the issues that you have, and focus on changing the way you see that situation from a different perspective.

1:1 Yoga therapy sessions 1 hour £50.
Couples/partner/ mother and daughter Yoga 1 hour £60 Block booking discount: 5 sessions £200 (£40 per hour)
10 sessions £350 (£35 per hour)
We offer a concessionary rate to people who are on benefits and not working at £30 per hour

Yoga therapy sessions are initially held weekly. For effective treatment of a short term issue a course of a minimum of 6 sessions are required. For ongoing issues we recommend initial weekly sessions then fortnightly reducing to monthly. We encourage your own home practice to continue at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
Contact us to book an appointment. Click the following link and fill out our booking form.